25 February 2009

Ping Factors...

Good Morning everyone.

I have come up again for a breathe of fresh air after finishing
another (and it has to be said rather overdue, missing several
deadlines, oophs factor) commission.

Thankfully everyone is happy, people can now progress with their jobs
and I am no longer part of, or even the cause, of the current
economic downturn !! (I do love it when editors/producers get snotty
and through their weight around - you know who you are !! - their
nasty emails should be a book in their own right !!)

Anyway that is enough of my snide remarks for one day and no doubt I
shall pay for this arrogance and flagrant disregard for the higher
authority later!!

This morning, I want you to consider your "ping" factor.

I won't say to much or explain to you what I mean, because it is one
of "those" terms which transition coaches (otherwise known as career
counsellors) use.

How do you present yourself to others? and what does your
writing/subject matter/interests/dress codes say to your chosen
audience (or sad victim in my case !!).

First thoughts and if you can create a small monologue in under 200
words, please post and there will be much happiness and communication
within the group !!

Now, what is my ping what...?

hugs everyone

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