17 February 2009

Rendered more destinct by the Contrast

Hi everyone, I have emerged from the abyss of an intensive writing project, done some knitting and spinning, and am ready to return to the world of inspiration - cuz I need some!!!

Can I offer you this thought:-

when we hear an English accent in an American Film it tends to hit our ear more acutely because of the contrast.

This is an interesting concept that we can transfer to our writing... I am currently reading a book by Anita Shreve - The Last Time we Met, where all the dialogue is written in italic rather than encased in speechmarks. At first I found this quite confusing because you meet the page in anticipation and bring to it expectations of convention...

But as I read on in the book I am finding this quite a liberating way of reading and allows quite a flexibility in interpretation.

So what I am saying to you today is...... have a play with your writing and especially when you are writing speech.

Do it differently - why not write speech in a different coloured pen? - that is what I did this morning and found it really interesting holding conversations in different colours - I was concerned when I reached for the extreme violet/red colour I have though !!!

Here is a prompt for you - if you are looking at a bare page...

"Rendered more distinct by the contrast"

Go for it and I would love some feedback.

hugs everyone

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