19 October 2008

Writing Prompt

Good morning great scribes...

First of all, apologies for the AOL bit at the bottom of these emails.  I have found a way of sending emails to the blogs/groups to save time in multiple posting, unfortunately you get the adverts as well - which ironically was the reason I left AOL in the first place - hey ho... 

Thank you for your telling me how irritating they are, I too find them quite so - but it is either that and prompts, or a nothing but a creative series of broken promises from me... sorry.

Today's Prompt

"I tell it to the Sea" - is a phrase I half-heard last night -

This made me think - what would I tell to the sea? secrets, dreams, pain, sorry or happiness - but the latter, surely I would declare to the world?

So my question today - what would you tell to the Sea?  or what other place would you share secrets/dreams/aspirations or simply share with?

Would they keep your secret, or would it be theirs for onward transmission?

You choose - your piece of writing... go forth and produce...

and then tell us - if you want to share - either by posting to this thread of linking to the comments.

Best wishes and have a good writing day.


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