17 October 2008

Hints and Tips - Notebooks

I am back on the subject of notebooks again today. 

Notebooks shouldn't be finished products in their own right - you shouldn't approach them with your neatest handwriting and with awe.  They should be the "workhorse" of your writing - your personal point of reference for inspiration, creativity and generally getting you in the "mood" to produce work.  My friend calls is the "twilight zone..." can't think why !!

Notebooks should be the starting points for developing ideas - the keyword here being "developing".  Write a thought down once, then write it down again in a different way, then perhaps a third way.  Revisit ideas from differing perspectives, on different days,in different moods. 

Occassionally review and audit the motifs which emerge repeatedly, looking for a way to transfer them to a piece of writing which will frame them and convey the thought to maximum effect.

A notebook should be part of a "process" - so today, start a fresh page and write about something which has been bothering you and you would like to resolve....


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