10 February 2008

Where could you go at 3.30 in the Morning?

Shani Phethean Hubble

I am sat here, on a delightful sunday morning - at the computer (obviously !!). 

My stomach tied up in knots, full of excitement for our son during the coming week (he has finally got funding for a Brain Injury Rehab Placement - not without considerable conflict in the last week or so !!) and I am stressed because I have run out of paper to print out the worksheets for tomorrow's meeting of Great Western Writers (nudge here if you have forgotten !!).

We were woken at 3.30 this morning by a young neighbour who needed a kind ear.  Instead of being fraught by this, I am reflecting this morning about how proud I am that he knew he could come here and tell us his grief without fear of censure. 

I am not reflecting with a big ego - "hey ho look at me, aren't I wonderful".  

I am thinking about I am not sure where I could go at 3.30 in the morning and feel welcome. 

So that is the prompt today....

Where could you, or your character go at 3.30 in the morning... what did they do? what did they say? 


Shani Phethean Hubble

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