08 February 2008

Fwd: Writing Prompt - "a day which needs re-visiting in the future"

Yesterday was a horrible day - well that isn't really very fair - it was one of the days where you had to really think on your feet all day, and I - in particular - had to call on all my resources of wisdom and tactfulness, which is OK when I am not tired, but a bit of a challenge when I was as fraught as I was.

I did though acquit myself quite well, so I am told - even though I ended up with a thumping headache and a feeling of desperation when I considered what kind of people I unfortunately have to mix with on an every day basis.

When I went to journal last night - I found I couldn't because I was so phased with the day.... I didn't quite know where to start. 

So all I put was "a day which needs re-visiting in the future"

So that is what I offer you today for a prompt.... Take it as a first line, set the clock for five minutes and then write without taking pen off page or fingers off keyboard....

Post the results to the site, or put somewhere safe, without internal editor taking over, and we will return to this another day.... as the title say

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