06 February 2008

Die Qual der Wahl (the torture of choice)

The sun is shining today and all of a sudden it is as if someone has switched the lights back on.  My world is still a mess, but it is almost a manageable one.  It is amazing what a clear up at the weekend can achieve. 

I still have a long way to go clearing up my thoughts, but still at least I am making some headway.

I am terribly behind with my tuition work - bringing a whole new meaning to first reactions to prompts - mine currently is the first reaction to anything - that'll do as a prompt.

I have just sat and written my inspirational piece on the New Year - being a Rat myself I am particularly looking forward to it, when I realised that I had forgotten to buy any paper... ah well, so much for being organised.

There apparently is a retrograde Mercury on the loose at the moment - the planet of authors and thieves (!) don't get the link there, but something to do with having to think on your feet. 

Do you think my students will believe that I am into recycling if I print out their worksheets on the back of various A4 flyers which have come in the post this week?   It has got to be worth a shot.

I am never surprised by some of the puns that can be had by playing on knitting words.... material whirled was the one this evening....

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