05 December 2006

Writing Classes in different orbits

Well I have been in a funny  old mood today - I have done loads of work, but not actually managed to achieve much headway - the piles of files are in danger of collapsing around me as we speak..
The weather is cold and blustery and I have been thinking very hard this evening about New Year Resolutions - I have just found out that the Babylonians are the ones I have to thank for all the years of guilt and recriminations I have suffered, as I have castigated myself about my continual failures as a person.
It is difficult writing worksheets which are going to be put to two uses - face-to-face classes and over the internet.  But it has been absorbing and I feel really inspired - I have produced pretty-coloured worksheets and am off to worry about how to transmit them (thank you work - I knew there was a reason I still hung on in there - the scanner is state of the art).
Somebody wrote to me today to tell me how inspirational I was - then wanted to give me a job.  It is OK - I wrote back and thanked her and then declined the job - see it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks. 
Talking about dogs we are thinking of going away in a couple of weeks, overnight to a Bed & Breakfast.  I have worked out it is cheaper for the dog and Bruce to go away than for myself and him (and don't say it - I will for you - some say I AM a dog...)   I am quite impressed with this thought - a whole night's peace and quiet...
So back to my New Year's resolutions  ... if you do something 12 times it becomes a habit - now if only I can keep going for the 12 days of Christmas...
My task for tonight - TO DEFINE MY DREAM....


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