19 December 2006

It hurts when...

I have had to say goodbye to an old friend tonight - not because she was going anywhere, but because I am - I have moved on in my life.
It has hurt, because we have shared so much pain and laughter over the last few years, but when discussing a legal point this afternoon with a colleague at work, over something completely different- ie to know something is wrong or illegal and say nothing makes you as culpable as the person committing the deed - brought me up with a start.
I therefore can no longer listen to her confidences - because this will make me party to a world I have no wish to exist in. 
This is a first for me... and I wish now I had taken this action a year or two ago... Life is too precious to be poisoned by such toxity in the name and disguise of friendship.
It hurts when... I hear amazing music - tonight it is from the New Musical Wicked - track 11 - Defying Gravity... wow.... the words reached right into my soul and I physically hurt with happiness. 

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