03 December 2006

Recycling Disney and I am Happy

 Big Hug Another one of those moving on days in life.  Writing in the Margins has expanded to become a Dot.Net.  Not because I really wanted all the grief of re-writing the website - just because we ran out of room and this one has a power-template. 
Still this will inspire me to write, if nothing else will, and it was really good to get into the flow of writing again this afternoon.
Sat with Toby in the Unit and we watched a Disney film - "The Sword and the Stone".  It has been years since I watched this, and suddenly with fresh eyes it twigged the number of characters within the tale, which I recognised from elsewhere - talk about recycling !!
Archimedes the Owl looks very like the one which lives with Winnie the Pooh.
The tournament tents at the jousting events - would not look out of place in Robin Hood.
The witch looks very like the one in Cinderella.
The fish - pops up again in Little Mermaid.
The scene where the pots and pans are being washed by Merlin - also appears in a similar format in Fantasia and Cinderella - with elements of it in Beauty and the Beast.
I am so impressed.  I have never realised this before, and this has inspired me to do the same within my writing.  No good idea is a wasted idea...
Went off for a meal at the Rose & Crown in Nympsfield and were spoilt rotten, then back to the Unit to watch the end of Chicken Run. 
and to top it all there was a moment in all of that - when I thought and realised - I am truly happy.
and now I am closing down the computer and having a good night's rest on that happy thought.

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