24 January 2006

Quick Writes - Day 5 - Pleasurable Journeys

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Welcome to Day 5 of QuickWrites: Life In Review, Shani! The modules in this course are short but will help you reflect, review and write about your life in 2005.

Day 5 Prompt: Pleasurable Journeys

2005 was full of pleasurable journeys for me. A good number of these jaunts were with my best friend -- my husband. After more than a year of being apart, I finally made the biggest journey of my life -- moving to the US to be with him.Grocery shopping, which I normally hate doing, became a fun experience...all because I did it with him.

We went on midnight strolls, walked the aisles of the 24-hour Food4Lessat 2 a.m. when we got restless, hiked up the nearest hill...My David and I bask in the comforting companionship -- and acceptance --

we continually find in each other. A place, no matter where it is or how one gets there, is made memorable when explored with someone who means a lot tous.

And a trip to somewhere -- anywhere -- becomes a pleasurable journey when shared with that person.What pleasurable journeys have you taken this year, Shani?
Where did you go? And with whom did you share these journeys?

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