24 January 2006

Quick Writes - Day 6 - The Person I was

Welcome to Day 6 of QuickWrites: Life In Review, Shani! The modules in this course are short but will help you reflect, review and write about your life in 2005.

Final Prompt: The Person I Was------------------------------

Which 5 characteristics describe the person you were in 2005, Shani?

List down these characteristics and recount the events that show you possess these character traits.

Who were you in 2005?

What kind of person was Shani these past 12 months?

Do you like the kind of person you were in 2005?

Do you see your life values reflected by this "you"?T

hat's it for QuickWrites: Life in Review, Shani. I hope you enjoyed doing the modules and getting to know Shanibetter.I wish you writing success this year!


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