22 January 2006

Quick Writes - Day 4 - People Tales

Welcome to Day 4 of QuickWrites: Life In Review, Shani!
The modules in this course are short but will help you reflect, review and write about your life in 2005.Day 4 Prompt:

People Tales--------------------------Life is like many Broadway plays -- full of interesting characters.
These characters influence life. Our relationships with them are integral parts of who we are.And like all plays, there's always the memorable characterwho leaves a lasting impression.

So today, Shani, write about that memorable character in your life in 2005.
What makes this character unforgettable?
What did he/she do to you or for you this year that made an impression on you? How did this person shape your life in 2005?
[Note: You may have more than one memorable character so feel free to write about more than one!]

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