01 November 2005

The day has dawned

The day has dawned, prevarication reigns supreme - I have taken on about 20 different challenges in the last week, all of which I am now destined to fail - because I have something to blame...good eh!!
My personal creative writing has stunk this year, not because I am useless (which I probably am - but what the heck! "am I bovered?") or because of lack of time.  The simple fact of life is that I have just got out of the habit of sitting and writing more than 10 sentences (unless it is work related - if the boss is reading this), or elsewise have engaged myself in other "worthy" literary projects which will transport my ego and angelic personae up into another realm.  Even now I am “fiddling” with this website, when my poor protagonist (name to be decided) is pondering life’s problems in another window named Document 3.
So I am grabbing the chance for some "guiltless" writing time.  This isn't for my self-pleasure you understand - this is for the greater good of [...........] (please fill in the blank spaces as appropriate). 
New writers – please look at NaNoWriMo as a training exercise for the next month – 50,000 words will give you some “grist for the mill” (I never did understand what that meant!). Practically, you will be able to bore everybody silly with your writing exploits and then spend the next two years training to be a literary critic for the newspapers.  Experienced writers – I don’t know about you, but every day I realise the more I learn the less I know – enjoy the NaNoWriMo site, explore ideas, revel in being able to have “odd” conversations about” timeslippage” without being carted off screaming.  
Those of us who don't fit into the above two categories? - Anybody thinking of writing, and 12 months later still haven’t bought the pen? – look at NaNoWriMo site and understand now why you should take up knitting (brutal I know, but at least you will be warm instead of forlorn).  If the urge is still there, get stuck in, arm yourself with your chosen weapons and enjoy the fray.
As for Me – I am off now, having signed my Faustian Pact and delivered this sanctimonious lecture - 50,000 words sounds almost achievable - wot the heck I am a WRITER so have nothing to lose! (400 words – how many left to do?)

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