01 November 2005

And so the nightmare begins

Dear Writer,What were you thinking?I mean, really. With your busy schedule; with everything else you'resupposed to be doing in November, you're going to write a novel too?Are you crazy?We here at NaNoWriMo think you might be. Which is why we're so proud tohave you as part of the team this year.Because you know what? No one in their right mind has ever accomplishedanything truly great. It's a delicious sort of insanity to reprioritizeyour to-do list and move this freaky, creative adventure of novel-writingto the very top.Well, near the top, anyway.Showering is important too.As is napping.The bathing and sleeping, we'll keep. But as for all the chores and favorsand selfless acts of kindness you've spent your life bestowing upon thepeople around you...Well, in November, you're off duty.Seriously.Let the dog walk itself. Empower your kids to drive themselves to school.Nothing instills character in a child like operating a piece of heavymachinery. Cooking? Bah. A host of local fast food chefs stand ready andwaiting with a wondrous array of largely edible delights.Pizza is brain food, after all. And you have more important things to dothan cook. You're going to be busy building universes and forging lives.In November, we spare no moments for drudgery, devoting our limited hoursinstead to frantic typing, long, bookish walks, and soulful glances outthe window (which serve as restful interludes between prose creation andmuch-needed practice for our future book-jacket photo shoots).Yes, November is our chance to play. To goof around in our imaginations.To fall asleep fulfilled and wake up a'buzz with revelations aboutbackstories and front-stories and the electric, book-changing knowledge ofwhat our Peruvian double agent has been hiding inside that taxidermizedmuskrat all this time.In four weeks, this state of manic creative bliss will be over. And we cango back to doing dishes and wearing clean clothes and talking in completesentences to our loved ones.For now, though, our books beckon, and our tales demand an author.Let's go give it to 'em.Best of luck to everyone on the first week of writing. We'll meet again inseven days, when we gather together on the mighty precipice of Week Two.Off to dream a few beautiful stuffed muskrat dreams,ChrisNaNoWriMo

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