30 October 2005

Shattered Fragmented Mind

Well I am absolutely exhausted and writing this purely to remind myself as to why I have undertaken the WITM Project.  

I have spent the day answering emails, being positive and reassuring - even to the lady who would be a famous author if only she could write (don’t ask).   When I woke up this morning I was full of enthusiasm for the day – having resolved where I was stuck in the latest plot-line and what happens? – I check the email and that is the end of that – but I do have a lovely website to show for my day.

The clocks went back last night and the day is a miserable wet one.  I should be taking poor Murphy out, but my mind is fragmented and scattered, along with my good intentions, like broken glass at the play park.  – that’s torn it – I have even mislaid my notebook.  Orphan leaves and Orphan thoughts.

I went back to art yesterday, I love the feeling of freedom of a white piece of paper, each stage of the painting a journey into the unknown.  Ah well.  That is why I like writing novels – a similar freedom from the handcuffs of “should dos”

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