29 October 2005

Angela's Writing type

Today's Writing tip: Avoid writing burnout -- write for yourself FIRST
For fulltime writers, the biggest career threat is burnout. If you burn out, you won't be able to write at all.
The best way to avoid burnout is to make sure that you spend a portion of your writing day writing just for yourself. Write whatever inspires you; whatever is fun for you.
Use images to inspire your writing
Your right brain thinks in images, and when you write, you translate images from your right brain into words. Usually this process happens so quickly that you're unaware of it. If you can make this process conscious, you can goose up your creativity. Stephen King calls this process "writing with the third eye --- the eye of imagination and memory." When you learn to access your image banks consciously, you'll find that if you write fiction, you'll be showing, rather than telling. You'll be able to make your readers see and feel your scenes. If your writing is flat and uninspired, "imaging" is an instant cure. If you write nonfiction, you'll be writing holistically, moving from the whole to the parts and back again, effortlessly.        From Angela Booth’s Blog  http://copywriter.typepad.com/copywriter/

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