01 November 2005

Idle Procrastination

I have caught myself finding another procrastinating hobby this morning - voyeuristically pondering on who is reading my website and blogs.
It is quite humbling to realise that anything I write can now be read in "real time" across the planet, by anybody who is vaguely interested (or probably even by accident).  Not only can they read my stuff, they can comment, email me back, sit passively lurking in the background - or have the freedom to self-censor and just click off.
Wow - letters never had this impact, speaking on the telephone is fragmentary and then is gone - words spoken, interaction, thoughts exchanged and then gone.
I don't want my words to "change lives" - I want them though to count for something and be an indication that I did once live on this earth, for a very short-time.  I like that thought - my footstep on the earth making the tiniest of marks for the fraction of a second - but entertaining somebody whilst they surf the net in actions of either passiveness or assertiveness or just idle curiosity...    (182!)

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