16 January 2009

 Writing in the Margins Thought to Ponder...

As a writer our world lives twice... once in our imagination and the
second time on the page.

There is no reason why the world can't live twice or even three times
on the page either.

When tackling a junction in a tale, write a couple of alternative
routes - nothing is ever wasted, you could use surplus pieces in
another story.

I share this tip with you, because I have just overhauled, quite
successfully, even though I say so myself, a rather tired and boring
tale using this technique. At each junction of the tale, I explored
the different options the characters could take, through each of the
main character's eyes... interesting and exciting where the results.

I find as a writer if I am not excited by the tale, why should anybody
else - and am happy to report in this instance, even I didn't know
where it was all going until the end which magically revealed itself -
like a piece of weaving being cut off the loom...

So tackle your discarded tales today, with red pen or track changes on
the computer and see how this might alter things...

then let me know....

hugs everyone.


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