03 December 2008

Todays Prompt

Hi everyone.

Sorry I keep disappearing off after having bursts of writing energy.  Unfortunately my world seems to lurch from complication to complication and in an effort to keep my writing protected from this up and down momentum, I tend to wrap it in bubble wrap and put it on the shelf for a week or so.

So when I emerge again, unfortunately, it is like starting all over again - but I think you all might appreciate not getting a blow by blow account of my world - moaning in the margins was created for a reason !!! 

The Travelling Notebook project is still high on my agenda, and again - when I have five minutes which isn't cluttered by vitally urgent legal statements, or rushing off to hospitals miles away from where I live for duplicated appointments (aaaarrrggghhhh.....), I will get this organised... 

So if you are still with me .....this is the prompt for today....

I have been pondering a lot over the last week (when not trying to sort the universe out...) as to what function celebrities perform in our life?

So my prompt today and one I too am going to write about is... exactly that - define the purpose and reason for the celebrity culture that exists... make up your own celebrity... the challenge is yours to do what you will with.

Best wishes

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