12 October 2008

Hi - I am back...

Hi everyone.

Things have been very quiet over the summer on the writing front and I am sorry that I haven't been able to really be around as much as I would like to.   

As many of you know I have been juggling a lot of commitments over the past three years and all the plates I have been spinning came tumbling down, simply because I became too tired to keep an eye on them.  Everything just collided at once, but fortunately I didn't break many plates as they hit the floor but there were a few casualties and a few of my writing commitments, along with other things which gave me a lot of pleasure have been neglected. 

That said, I feel creatively refreshed now, and with NaNoWriMo season beckoning so are my little writing brain cells therefore:

 ~ Regular prompts should resume over the next few months...

~ The Great Western Writers returns tomorrow night at the Bristol Central Library - free to everyone, just turn up with a pen and your imagination.

I am not going to return to some of my writing groups, I hope the members will understand that I only have so many days in any given week, and some of those have to be spent on me and my family.   You are though all very welcome to become members of Writing in the Margins, or visit the Great Western Writers at the Library.

Over the forthcoming months I will also be looking for a regular comfy "drop-in" spot somewhere central in Bristol, where any local writers/students can meet informally - say once a month - and I will be on hand for support to help you to your writing goals.    I tried this last year, but it all became too difficult, so I will make renewed efforts. 

One other thing, some of my writing worksheets have turned up in places that they should perhaps not be being used !!  I won't go into details, but needless to say the only place you should see any of my worksheets are either at a course I am facilitating or via the website. 

Can I remind you all that my work and time is given freely to  assist everyone to reach their writing potential.  It is not to be resold or used as the basis for writing tuition which is being funded either by grant or tuition fee to a third party.   All my places of inspiration are accordingly acknowledged and you will often find reference to other author's sites or classes - in the hope that you will get as much out of the resources as I have done. 

These worksheets and prompts/hints are to be used in the spirit they are intended - to inspire your writing life.    Please remember this.

Best wishes

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