11 December 2007

Great Western Writers

I run a super group, well sort of turn up and lead it to be more precise, called the Great Western Writers. It is a collective of all types of writers, from beginners to published, experienced scribblers in their field. 

There are all kinds of mixed emotions about why I am so passionate about keeping this group going - I often consider it a duty, a guilt trip, something I need to do because all writers need a starting point, and I was lucky enough to have people who supported me in mine.

Over the last few days I have been really stressed and not particularly well, along with having a funeral to go to today, so I arrived last night not particularly prepared, because I was convinced they would all beetle off down the pub for Xmas drinks.

How wrong can someone be... three new members, amazing writing (by the yard as well as the page) but in particular there was one person who turned up just because someone told him he ought to write.....

Just goes to show... you never know where inspiration is going to appear in life, it can even happen when you don't think it will.....

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