12 December 2007

finding Ancestors all over the place...

We went to a funeral yesterday of my husband's Uncle, a lovely gentleman who reminded me a lot of his brother, Bruce's father who I loved so dearly for giving me a helping hand my own family fell apart.

I decided, in usual tactful manner, to interrogate the family over desert... a sort of this is your life in reverse... thankfully no-one was offended and I came home with a notebook of thoughts, happy memories and an amazing love story.  Not to forget a brilliant storyline..."The Cousins"... 

I was also amazed at the coincidences, there seem to be a higher than average number of linguists amongst the children of the "Cousins".

So I have had a murderous day at work, and after sitting in the bath licking my wounds, thought I would spend 10 minutes on Ancestry.co.uk.... and guess what... I found missing relatives, all over the place.  I am still to verify them, but the coincidence is too great - I hope and another lively story I feel unfolding.

So a few months ago I had no relatives apart from my children, and now I have relatives all over the place, and because most of them are dead, I don't have to worry about offending them... I like being part of a family though, and that has really hit home to me tonight, just how much of my life I have spent denying that single fact.

One of the relatives asked yesterday which bit of housework I liked best, and I felt awful when I had to confess none of it.. I just do it to exist and because the house would fill up otherwise.  But now I know why I don't do housework, I am part-ferret and there isn't time.  So now I am going to eat my cold tea, which was cooked two hours ago and make up stories  again..

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