05 November 2006

Just do It

 I found this in Writer's Digest Online. It's from an interview with Anna Quindlen - a woman who has my dream job as a bi-weekly columnist for Newsweek, when she was a columnist for the New York Times she won a Pulitzer and she's also written several novels. 

Anyway, here's the advice she had to give to other writers:

"It all comes down to the Nike slogan. Just do it. So many people tell me, well, I'm thinking of writing a book. Does anyone say I'm thinking of performing surgery, or I'm thinking of designing a building? Writing seems to be the only profession people imagine you can do by thinking about doing it. No. Put your butt in a chair and write. And never mind feeling blocked. Everyone feels blocked all the time. Madeline L'Engle (A Wrinkle in Time) once said, 'Inspiration usually comes during work, rather than before it.'"

(from Nancy...)


Linus said...


Thanks for reminding me of that one (I had forgotten all about it until I saw my name at the end of your post)

I needed that today . . . Off to NaNo
(I'm VERY jealous of your word count, btw)

MuseinMeltdown said...

Nothing to be jealous of, just got the wind under my tail today - but unfortunately I suspect this will be the last time I have a moment to call my own for the next week...