05 November 2006

All words are good words...

 Sleeping Kitty On Monitor I have had a really good writing day today, but only because having got stuck into all the stuff I was supposed to get done, I then went on a literary bender.  I think I might have cheated a little - I was writing Silent Deeds before NaNo and got very stuck on the plot - well it was taking me somewhere I didn't want to go at the time because I felt very uncomfortable with exploring a part of my psyche. 
Well today, whilst writing away in the personae of my ditsy character, and then replying to her as the more mature one and reflecting on her current intriques - I realised I could go off on a tangent with the previous one. 
So I do - and to hell with the consequences.  Then I realised after having written loads that it was absolutely useless and didn't fit in with the tone of the previous story - but didn't want to lose the wordcount.  So I have found a way of utilising the wordage into the current plot, by making a subplot - a small scion story -  are you still with me here? 
I am concerned that having written the words without NaNo in mind, that isn't really on - but because they fit in so neatly with what I am doing - and I have written them today and they are new words -  well to hell with it and hang the consequences.  I now have a blog and a short scene. 
Tomorrow is another day....


Linus said...


OK, now I am REALLY, REALLY, REALLY jealous! I am going to stay up late tonight (keep your fingers crossed for an early bedtime for the boys) and I am going to write, write, write!!

Can I get to 8,000? I will. I will. I will. (I hope!)

Keep me updated on your week when you can. I'll be thinking of you :)

MuseinMeltdown said...

No need for jealousy - you will no doubt overtake me with steady and considered regular progress... tortoise and hare remember !!


Linus said...

It's 10:30 p.m. and I have done no writing ... not for NaNo anyway. Lowen, my muse, seems to have deserted me today although she was around long enough to help me get to work, do LOTS of laundry, clean the boys' playroom, do some vaccuming, and oh, get in some good playtime with my boys of course!

There's always tomorrow, right? But I'm a little nervous because wasn't the tortoise's key to success slow, but STEADY. I've got slow down, but the only thing I've been consistent with is my inconsistency in these early days :)

I've posted your widget on my blog, too, maybe that will be enough to get me fired up tomorrow. Although I'm afraid the only thing that will help right now would be a REAL fire under my arse!!

MuseinMeltdown said...


First Drafts, and interesting article

Linus said...

In case you don't see the comment I left for you on my blog, I just wanted to thank you for posting this link. You're better than any search engine on the internet. You know that, don't you? You should start your own search engine with writing resources and links only. I'd subscribe! (Oh wait, like you don't have enough to do. I shouldn't have put the idea in your head :)

Anyway, I liked the site so much I've subscribed to the email list myself. It was just what I needed - How did you know that?

Good luck tomorrow. *hugs*