10 September 2006

Writing Inspiration and Advice

I have subscribed to this newsletter for quite a while now, and would heartedly recommend it for all levels of writers - beginners through to experienced.  It never fails to remind me of some obvious things I have a tendency of overlooking...  I suggest the particular excerpt below you print out and hang up by the Fridge... Shani



Inspiration for Writers



Excerpt Weekly Newsletter written by Cynthia Morris -


"Life, and the creative life, seem to be full of obstacles. That dang day job. The million distractions at home - housekeeping, spouse, children, the overdue library books. The need for all distractions to be cleared away so we can settle in to the fluffy comfort of the writing zone.

Bunk. All bunk. In my years as a coach, I have discovered the truth behind all of our obstacles: we are our own greatest obstacle. We act in cahoots with our fears to make the creating difficult. Why do we do this? Who knows - I'm not a psychoanalyst. But I do know that if we can recognize our inner saboteur, we are more likely to be able to sidestep the excuses and do what we really want - write. Here are a few ways to step out of your own way and into your satisfying creative life.

Recognize your saboteur. List all the reasons why you are not writing the way you wish you were. As you list the excuses, notice the undertone. Notice that deep down, you don't really believe them. They are lame.


Stop being a victim of your circumstances. I know you want to have everything in place, orbiting around your need to create, but that's just not your reality. So work with what you do have. Victim mode is repellent to creativity, so drop it like a bad habit.


Get clear on your destructive tendencies. What exactly do you do to veer away from your creativity? Surfing the internet, lying around reading, compulsive shopping or chatting... make your own list.


Develop constructive tendencies to replace the bad habits. If you weren't toodling around, wasting your precious creative forces, what would you be doing? Make a list of constructive habits that feed your writing.


Assess limiting beliefs. What ideas are lurking in your mind that may be holding you back? be rigorous about those little thoughts that actually loom large and get in the way of your progress.


Surround yourself with people who believe in your highest expression. Don't allow your life to be co-opted by those who don't understand your creative needs. There are many people out there who do want to be around successful creative people - that's you!


Be kind to yourself. Having self-compassion and respect for yourself at every stage of the journey will do wonders for getting out of your own way.

Taken from an Email Newsletter by Cynthia Morris - OriginalImpulse.com

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Shani Phethean-Hubble

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