10 September 2006

Journals and How to Use them...

Back to the Journal advice - I have now come across this from the Original impulse.. sorry for all the emails this morning- but I suggest you print this out, and post it in the front of your new journal...Shani


Play with these suggestions to enliven your journal writing.

Lists Make lists about yourself and the world around you. Try listing things that, if someone were to read them, would give them an accurate picture of who you are. Some lists: things you love or hate; people you admire and why; things you would never do; advice you would give to a teenager; top ten lists of any kind.

Rants Your journal is a place to really let rip and tell it like it is - for you. What would you do if you were in charge of the world? What's wrong with the world and how would you change it? What rant would you write if you were telling off that terrible driver on the highway or the person who gave you bad service? Unleash your spunky, cranky self.

Everyday Objects Take a page from Pablo Neruda, the Chilean poet who loved things. Neruda had two households full of objects that had meaning for him, and he wrote odes to them. Try your own odes or tell stories from the perspective of your objects.

Mine Your Essence Who are you underneath the surface? Write a description of your spiritual beliefs. Write an essay that you would submit to NPR's "This I Believe." Dig deep.

Take from the World Bring other items into your journal. You may wish to glue in pictures and textures that please you. You can do this at the beginning of a new notebook or as you go. You may also wish to write in inspiring quotes.

Free Write Make a list of prompts and keep it in the back of your journal. Set a timer for ten minutes and write on each prompt.

Ooze into Art Pick up pencil, markers, crayons, paints - anything to add color and form to your words. Don't worry about being an 'artist', just play.

Play with these ideas and develop your own. Visit my blog for a wee list of journal prompts.

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