01 June 2006

Summer has arrived

Finally, Summer has arrived.  Toby broke out of the Unit last night, aided and abetted by his father, and on an "off road" journey explored the delights of one of the air ambulances which arrive on a regular basis.  Frenchay being the only helicopter pad in the area.

You can tell that Summer has arrived because people are going around without vests – you know the thermal holey ones that were oft worn garb of the men in years gone by !!  I had to explain the concept to our office junior…who didn't really understand why holes kept you warm…

Poetry lunchtime at the library was, as ever, a blissful relief in an otherwise chaotic environment.  A "mahogany womb" of words and thoughts, revered and approachable by all sectors of society.  The theme which rang through today was TIME… defining, structuring, - a place in society where the boundaries dissolve and allow you through to another place – where you have time to think….. and just be.

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