22 May 2006

My new Toy - a dictaphone

I have a new toy… a Dictaphone.   I got so fed up of never being able to capture my thoughts first thing in the morning and last thing at night, as well as the enormous amount of time spent travelling that we are doing now, which are becoming wasted writing time.  

I can justify this new stage in my working life, courtesy of the fact that we now have
  • copious amounts of meeting to go to.  

  • It is a rehabilitation aid to aid and facilitate Toby's rehab.

  • In my new guise (or should I say disguise) as the "Voice from the Knicker Drawer" – I thought it would be useful for interviewing unsuspecting victims, press-ganged, forced or otherwise !! ; and

  • Anything else you can think of.  

Not of course, that I have never actually needed to justify spending money on anything !!!

1 comment:

indigodreams said...

Shani, I can just imagine you muttering into your dictaphone in the most unlikely places!