02 November 2005

Was the Screensaver, STRICTLY necessary?

When having filled the day with worthy practices ie the Art lesson and having lunch with my hubby - then falling asleep when I came back, only to be awoken by Struck Lightening and guilty conscious. I decided that a Screensaver was the most vital thing to do with my evening rather than whittle away at the wordcount... Typical eh?!!

So having sorted out the screensaver, ironed my skirt, worked out that I really felt too ill for work tomorrow (which actually I do feel - I am running a temperature and full of coughs) I decided that sorting out the Ipod broadcast was the next most vital thing on my agenda.

It was only the boredom of Star Wars which eventually rendered me fit for writing. I couldn't cope with the inaneness of their story line and decided anything I might write would have to be better !! So I did and have now brought my word count (depending on whose counter you use) to a worthy 3,602. I feel betterer now.....

Good night.

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