03 November 2005

Freeing my arms to Create

I decided what I needed to do to feel better was to take the advice of Chris Batty – the NaNowotsit guy and “audition the soundtracks to my book”.  I have now listed through twice to Boogie Nights II, and can only say that the light fluffly nasal twang, and David Essex being off-key (an overwhelming disappointment and disillusionment in my already warped existence).  I can’t believe I was ever young during this period, and now actually do understand why everybody thought Barry Manilow et al were so brilliant – they were in comparison !!

I have dusted the bedroom, I couldn’t live in the mess anymore, and I have de-cluttered the computer(s) (which much to my astonishment has taken about 5 hours – that poor laptop).   Now I seriously think I must address my awful taste in music.  

A quote from “The Starter Marriage” by Kate Harrison
“Nostalgia sounds like a medical condition, uncomfortable, unpredictable, and inconvenient”   I think this sums up how I feel about the novel I am writing.  Whilst struggling for inspiration all I seem to do is wade about in murky puddles of self-pity – feeling sorry for god knows what and who knows whom.  Even though nothing is based on me in the novel, I seem to be bringing to it all kinds of hidden dark thoughts – long since glossed over with clean white paint.  

Watching Rick Stein – a recipe is an essence – a poem rather than a precise strict set of instructions.

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