17 October 2005

Racing Words - chasing thoughts

Very tired today and have a story whizzing around in my head – not the NaNo story though.  I have been allowing my fingers to practice and trying to get to see what 1,000 words look like on a page.  Very freeing to gallop at an amazing pace across the stage.  But even though it looks easy at this stage in the game – I am very aware that the short novella I am churning out a) is a load of c*** and b) only fit for Mills & Boon.  Having said that actually 10 words are fit for them…. And the rest… ah well.

Train of thought stuff is very exciting.  I AM HAVING FUN, and remembering why I write – nobody can tell me what to do.  I am free in my own environment, to think, to dream, to plot, to scheme – but a distinct absence of fresh air is pulling at me.  I want to be outdoors and walking the dog – not writing, nor working.  

What this is doing for me though is making me very aware of my surroundings, the sunshine today, the guy smoking on the roof, conversations overheard.  Whearst over the last few months they had been disregarded as the generally periphery and backdrop of my existence, not worthy enough of repetition – now they are vital importance to fill the page – ah let out of the cage….

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