04 February 2010

Okay diddley Dokey

Over the last week I have been on a massive learning curve.  I started my IT course the wrong way around, which meant I had to submit the final assignment before actually doing the course – ugh!! and nobody thought to share that with me.

Still on the bright side this means that I have had to spend a lot of time playing – ooh no meant to say – researching what the various buttons do on these programmes, and I have learned SO MUCH…

It occurs to me that many of us do the same, we spend all day everyday just using IT to do what we need to do to function and get the job done, but rarely look outside those narrow boundaries.  I know I have, it has felt as if I have sleepwalked over the last few months when undergoing tasks, now I can be creative !!

I have also got stuck in to sorting out what wordspun might look like.  I haven’t got a clue is the answer to that – but it is worth having a go to find out…!!  

On that note of happy exploration – I have also discovered a number of blogs I have started, but have for whatever reasons forgotten to update, so am posting to them now to discover what on earth I have been up to over the past few years…Nothing playing

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Anonymous said...

My new job requires that I know how to use Excel. Somewhere I have a bit of paper from Ystrad Mynach College that says I know how to use Excel. This isn't much cop when your boss asks you to devise a check-box document which will then add everything up in subtotals and then do a grand total at the end and that aspect of Excel wasn't included on the course and what was included has long-since left my brain and settled with the dust under the sofa.

Needless to say, I have produced a document that does just what it's meant to ... I'm dead-chuffed!

Shani said...

Wow... I am with you on most of it - well my dusty brain is.... but the check-box bit I don't think I have ever learned...ooooh