08 November 2008

Starting Somewhere

Monday Night's Great Western Writer's meeting is going to be on the theme of Starting Somewhere.  I am not trying to plot spoil here, just giving an opportunity for anyone who reads this before Monday to give some thought to Starting Somewhere.

I have spent a lot of time over the last week writing up all kinds of technical and professional development papers.  These have been very rewarding, surprisingly enough.  I can see evidence before my very eyes in how I have grown in knowledge and understanding - not only of myself but my fields of expertise over the past three years.

So I would commend to you to spend a few moments on a regular basis making a note to yourself of things you have learned, encountered, or situations approached which have stretched your abilities. 

You have to start somewhere - so start from today - What have you learned or written about this week? 

Please feel free to comment and share with us your writer's journey.


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