25 May 2008

Touching Base and Today's Prompt

Hi - sorry about the recent radio silence again - I am very involved in some big projects at work, my course, and various other things in my life with very heavy deadlines, so am having to use friendship time to think. 

I know this is no excuse for taking time out to write and keep in touch with friends, but on a practical note, I don't often get home until very late at night now and can't face the computer - the only strength I have is to pick up a bottle of wine....sorry.

Today's prompt is...

In the space between knowledge and the unknown, there is a place called supervision. - write about it....

Best wishes

AOL's new homepage has launched. Take a tour now.

1 comment:

MuseinMeltdown said...

Yes - it should be superstition - that is the point - how many times has something you have written in error, proved to be a viable prompt...... :-)