05 February 2008

Writing Prompt

A day never goes by when I don't learn something... today my starter for 10 was

"hoised by his own petard" 

We use this often in casual conversation and I hadn't really given it any thought - it was just something I say as a throw away remark.

But where did it come from?

Petard is french (meaning large discharge of intestinal gas).  It was used to describe an explosive device which would have been used during warfare to blow open gates to castles...

It seemed to be first used by Shakespeare in Hamlet in or around 1609. 

So by process of elimination I think it means being blown up by your own bomb....

So today's prompt - either write about something which was destroyed by your own hand or write about pyrrhic victory...

That should keep me quiet for a couple of hours !!

Best wishes


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