23 January 2008

A good piece of advice

New Year Resolutions and starting afresh - creating false starts and setting yourself up for failure of self-imposed goals.

The advice from those in the "know", well those who make a lot of money out of selling advice  is to replace them with decisions followed by actions.

Resolutions happen “off in the future… "  - in some indeterminable time, place and plan which it is not possible to really pin down and because it moves off like the horizon line, or end of the rainbow - there are lots of readymade excuses for not knuckling down and getting on with what you need to do to MAKE things happen.

If you want to change – start your journey from where you ARE - now, this minute - workout where you want to be and then – make a plan – set a goal and act on it…. Start where and how you mean to go on.

Saying out loud what you want to happen is the first step to making things happen.  Writing it down the second step - there you go that is two steps, now it is up to you to take the next ones...

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