10 September 2006

Journals and life

I have been away for a few days, taking a sabbatical and re-thinking my life in general, and whilst away heavily used my journals and sketchpad to help resolve the "problems" wanging around in my head.
I came back to no less than 30 emails from various people, some members, some browsers, but all on the same subject - advice regarding journals...
Now I am always bleating on about journals - I would say use them, or you will loose your threads and thoughts by the time you get back to your chosen spot to write your piece. This is a fact of life, your brain fills with new thoughts, and though kick the old ones out of the way.  Because of the importance of journals they need to be easily accessible wherever you happen to be in life, and need to something you can train yourself to use as second nature.
Now there seem to be a number amongs us who don't know where to obtain the "right" kind of journal :-) 
The "right" kind is the one which works for you, and one that you will use, not leave on your desk looking pretty.  So it really is a matter of trial and error....
To help - I use A4 journals for fiction - more on the page and I can brain-storm, I use A5 journals for writing out notes and experimenting - easy to locate in the future and I have a small journal in my handbag for those fleeting thoughts of cynicism etc.
So there are as many different journals as you have uses for...
I have found this site for the Americans amongst you... and I am sure you can add your favourite places to it... and if all else fails the local stationers should help.
There is no magic answer to writing successful prose, no "hidden" way in - it is what YOU WRITE in the journal that helps your journey to success, and HOW you use it... not the journal itself.
I hope this helps, and if any members who also write would like to add to this thread with your own tips and solutions, please do so. 
Best wishes

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