05 May 2006

A Story to Tell

My friend observed this week that whenever she rings me "You always have a story to tell" – yep I do, my life is full of stories, some for the retelling, some to be taken to the grave, some are my stories, and some are those of my family and my history.  Some other stories are there, hidden in my heart, waiting to emerge onto the page in full Technicolor glory – well one day anyway.  

All these stories have one thing in common though, they are full of hope, happiness (and querky people !!).  The reader has to feel good at the end of the encounter with my life (or shell shocked one boss once said to me….).   It is not just about the telling of a story, it is about the receiving of it too, and I think my stories reflect who I am… hopefully, sometimes !!

I have also rediscovered Storytelling – a lost art since the kids have grown up, last night I found this amazing book by a local guy called Peter Please.  All surrounding us were entranced with the prose, and I felt excited and good about the choice, as some of these young adults have never been read to.  So I think I have made the right choice to write and tell stories.  

So "Why did it happen to us?" – the answer is "because it had to !!"  My God has always lived in the simple pleasures of life (no Bruce – I am not calling you simple - honest) and writing and storytelling are the simplest of pleasures known to mankind.  I was looking for happiness at the wrong end of the spectrum, so busy looking outwards to the future, I hadn't noticed I was tripping up over it in my haste.  

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