11 November 2005

Writing my way out of a dead end

Writing my way out of the crisis in the story.  My characters are all now wandering around, some more 3d than others.  I can see and hear some of them in my head, others though are still partially drawn in pencil and ink, without a will or independent “think”.  It has been a difficult few days in work, I have had to work really hard and my head has been hurting… not really conductive to writing, but I feel a lot better now this evening that I have overcome some more hurdles.  I had wondered where it was going because I was backing myself up and down blind alleys.  I am also wondering whether another 25,000 words is going to be enough?  Strange eh, it seemed a massive number when I started…

As the “Writer in Residence” to the BookBarn, does this entitle me to Christmas dinner?

Anyway back to the plot…talking it through with Bruce this evening I have been able to add a few more useful words into the frey and I am back on my way.

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