15 November 2005

Will I love another baby as much as this one?

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
30,363 / 50,000

An interesting evening. I came home with zeal to express myself, but after thinking and resolving and feeling hungry - felt too tired and drained to compose fresh words.

I did though go into my old notes, and come across some beautiful vignettes which would fit the characters beautfully, so have used these and placed them into the scenes. Like stones in gem settings, they sparkle and give life to otherwise staid words.

I am feeling a bit like a Mother giving birth this evening. I am having doubts about my next novel !! how stupid can you get - will I love it as much as this one? I don't know. 20,000 words seems a far off planet, but I know I will ge there.

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