13 November 2005

Well what a weekend

Well what a weekend for being an author…I have managed to do every prevaricating thing possible to avoid writing a blinkin word !!!

I do have a new toy…..The Book Crossing Site.

I have such a problem with not wanting to throw away books, I can empathise with the blood sweat and tears that have gone into writing them, so can’t bear for them to just be thrown away.  But what to do with them?  That is the problem or was until now…and then I discovered the perfect answer to recycling.

Well it is now 2.45 on a Sunday afternoon, the sun is going in, and I haven’t managed to write anything even resembling a word of fiction, and I can feel my heart rate racing as I realise tomorrow is another day and back to the mess and clutter, commonly known as my desk in work.

Yesterday’s writers café though really inspired me and my thoughts, taking them off on a tangent.  Perhaps if I stay at this computer long enough I will get some work down.  One more google and then I am off….

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