20 November 2005

Life after NaNoWriMo

http://www.nanoedmo.org     (sign up 15th March)
I have had a number of queries from people who are quietly writing away their micro novel under the permission given to them by joining the challenge of NaNoWriMo.  
The problem seems to be that they either won't be finishing due to other circumstances (this I can equate with) or have this wonderful baby growing on their computers and aren't quite sure of where to go to next.
Above are a few links of places which are springing up to fill the void - links above. 
So now you have no excuse not to carry on writing - it is not the finishing by 30th November which is so important it is the confidence you will suddenly acquire when you are within grasping distance of completing your tome. 
I joined NaNoWriMo because I thought it would be a good place to hang out and meet writerly others - what I have discovered is that even though I wrote a lot, I wasn't achieving a lot because I didn't have boundaries or deadlines- tomorrow was another day.   I had quite a thrill on Friday when (having bought new printer cartridges!!) I printed out the Computer File - all of a sudden I had 76 pages of (okey not Booker Prizewinner stuff I know) my thoughts on paper - something I could now work within and add muscle to at a later date.
Well done those on target, don't worry those who are not - the important thing is you are WRITING.
Best wishes      Love Letter 
(and to everybody else - make a note to think about joining up next year !!)
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