21 October 2005

Fundamental Desire

Fiction: Creating a story, Day Four -- Fundamental Desire
So far we've got two characters, and a couple of settings.
Today, you'll create Fundamental Desires for each of your characters.
A Fundamental Desire drives your character's actions. Here are some ideas for Fundamental Desires: find love, make lots of money, get married, hide my secret, lose weight, rob the bank, save my home, save my child, find the killer, become a hero, save myself, win the race, climb Mt Everest, etc.
Have each character reveal his/ her Fundamental Desire in 100 words. Begin: "I want ---"
Note: a Fundamental Desire is not a goal, or a dream. It drives your character. It's what your character must have, or die -- it operates at the level of pure instinct and comes from the limbic brain.

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