19 October 2005

Advice from Angela

Fiction: Creating a story, Day Two -- Settings
Stories have to be set somewhere. The more interesting your settings, the easier you'll find it to write your story. Your settings will give you ideas for plots, plot twists, and additional characters.
Today, choose two settings. For the first one, choose an ordinary setting, like a backyard garden. Next, choose an unusual setting. Choose any setting which appeals to you: a local landmark, a spacecraft, the Great Pyramid in Egypt (you may need to do some research), etc.
Write 200 words describing each setting.
Note: you may or may not use these settings (think of them as locations for scenes) in your story. With these exercises, you're training your mind to cooperate with you. Enjoy the exercises: make that your only goal.
From Angela’s Notepad- http://copywriter.typepad.com/copywriter/

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